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Twelve months have passed and I couldn't imagine how fast they zapped by. We learnt alot in many aspects both personal and professional and looks like the learning never stops for 2014.

To recap, this year we released a lot of OS Property versions, and end up with OS Property 2.6.1.
It took the bulk of the time we had for software development but that did not hinder us from keeping OS Property updated from time to time especially the support for Joomla 3.2.
We are grateful for your patience and support for our Joomla products. We really couldn't thank you enough.
As a gesture of appreciation, we'd love to open up our hearts and add more value to you, our beloved fans and web developers, in the form of a special deal this New Year 2014.

2014 - Asia Pacific's calendar is the year of the Horse.
We hope that, in the new year, we have enough confidence, enthusiasm and lucky to develop OS Property extension as well as the our team's products with the speed of a Horse.


P/S: The Traditional New Year Holiday will last from 29th Jan to 6th Feb 2014. During this time, any support or pre-sale questions will still be answered with a certain delay within 2 to 3 days.

Sorry for this inconvenience!