This won’t be the first time you look for a Joomla real estate template, but it will be the last time. Because with OSP Home Search you have more than you could ever want or need.
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Dear all OS Property's customers, who are always monitoring the development of this extension.
OS Property, launched in late 2011, and carry a lot of our expectations - developers of it. So far, through so many versions, OS Property partly brought success for us and for you - who are using this extension on Real Estate sites.
Although the new versions are updated, with new features constantly being added. But the OS Property's Demo site are only changed 2 times from 3 years. This makes updating the new version on the demo site is limited. And many people can not see or use all the new exciting features of the software.
With the great efforts of the design team, we're excited to launch a new version of the OS Property demo page. It would be a great improvement compared to the old version - was built from 2012
New demo site - with full responsive, and all the latest features of the OS Property in the newest versions, plus all the layouts, themes of OS Property, we are confident that you will feel satisfied when tracking page - on both on the desktop or mobile devices.

In this happy moment, first, we would like to thank the design team, who had studied hard, creating interfaces and new ways of operating the site, and by the way, we I also would like to thank you, the loyal customers of OS Property.
You are main motivation for us to continue to develop OS Property to make it become the best Real Estate Joomla Extension.
And now, please visit demo site and feeling it...
Ha Noi
Aug 2014