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The OS Calendar developer team are proud to announce the release of OS Calendar 6.0. This is a first release for the 6.x series of OS Calendar and addresses issues introduced in previous versions and introducing new function for Rental system.

What new in OS Calendar 6.0: Room is not mandatory now

In previous versions, when you use OS Calendar, you must create Rooms for Properties (of OS Property component). And then, you should setup Price, Availability status for those rooms before customer can make the booking on rooms at front-end of component. This work is quite suitable with Hotel or Rooms renting, but if you are owner of Apartments, Villas .etc, you won't able to use OS Calendar, because you can't create rooms for your Apartments, Villas .. and customers won't rent one several rooms of one apartment or villas.

Understand it, we decide to improve OS Calendar, to make it to suitable with Rental properties. Now, if you go to Configuration page of OS Calendar, you will see the configure option Enable Room. If you select this field Yes, you will need to create Rooms for properties as previous versions, select No if you want to be able to setup Price, Availability status for properties (of OS Property component).


As you know, there is the big improvement on OS Calendar 6.0 so we encourage you to download latest OS Calendar version to get new improvement. And please update the languages (through Translation tool at Back-end of OS Calendar ) if you are using different language than English.

To Update OS Calendar 6.0, please install


2. update language files if you are using more language than English


Dev team


Dear all OS Property's customers, who are always monitoring the development of this extension.
OS Property, launched in late 2011, and carry a lot of our expectations - developers of it. So far, through so many versions, OS Property partly brought success for us and for you - who are using this extension on Real Estate sites.
Although the new versions are updated, with new features constantly being added. But the OS Property's Demo site are only changed 2 times from 3 years. This makes updating the new version on the demo site is limited. And many people can not see or use all the new exciting features of the software.
With the great efforts of the design team, we're excited to launch a new version of the OS Property demo page. It would be a great improvement compared to the old version - was built from 2012
New demo site - with full responsive, and all the latest features of the OS Property in the newest versions, plus all the layouts, themes of OS Property, we are confident that you will feel satisfied when tracking page - on both on the desktop or mobile devices.

In this happy moment, first, we would like to thank the design team, who had studied hard, creating interfaces and new ways of operating the site, and by the way, we I also would like to thank you, the loyal customers of OS Property.
You are main motivation for us to continue to develop OS Property to make it become the best Real Estate Joomla Extension.
And now, please visit demo site and feeling it...
Ha Noi
Aug 2014


Twelve months have passed and I couldn't imagine how fast they zapped by. We learnt alot in many aspects both personal and professional and looks like the learning never stops for 2014.

To recap, this year we released a lot of OS Property versions, and end up with OS Property 2.6.1.
It took the bulk of the time we had for software development but that did not hinder us from keeping OS Property updated from time to time especially the support for Joomla 3.2.
We are grateful for your patience and support for our Joomla products. We really couldn't thank you enough.
As a gesture of appreciation, we'd love to open up our hearts and add more value to you, our beloved fans and web developers, in the form of a special deal this New Year 2014.

2014 - Asia Pacific's calendar is the year of the Horse.
We hope that, in the new year, we have enough confidence, enthusiasm and lucky to develop OS Property extension as well as the our team's products with the speed of a Horse.


P/S: The Traditional New Year Holiday will last from 29th Jan to 6th Feb 2014. During this time, any support or pre-sale questions will still be answered with a certain delay within 2 to 3 days.

Sorry for this inconvenience!