This won’t be the first time you look for a Joomla real estate template, but it will be the last time. Because with OSP Home Search you have more than you could ever want or need.
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Compatible with Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x
OS Property uses core API functions of Joomla, so you can use it on both Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x without any conflict
Support Real estate companies, property agencies, property owners
OS Property is suitable for the Real Estate sites, where the Real Estate company, agencies, the property owner can ad their properties
Unlimited Properties, Category, Types, Amenities, Custom fields ..
With OS Property, you can create many Categories like House, Apartment, Villas ..., Property types like For rent, For sale..., Amenities like Cable TV, Microwave, Dishwasher ..
Provides location data of 60 countries
OS Property provides 60+ countries location data. And you can easy import location of your country if it is in the list. If your country isn't in the list, no worry, OS Property provides the solution that allow you to enter location of your country (State/Province, City) at Back-end of component
Provices 5 Responsive & Attractive themes
Each theme includes 3 layouts: List Properties, Search Result and Property Details. They are using Twitter Bootstrap so they are 100% responsive, fast loading, mobile compatible and very attractive
Joomla Native Multiple languages
The component takes the translate from language from the default site language. All other installed languages will be available as option to translate the default language to. OS Property also provices the language package for 6 countries
Joomla Native Sef urls
You don't need to use another third party Sef extension with OS Property, because component already support Joomla Native Sef Urls
Power full search functionalities
OS Property provices flexible advanced search, map search, filters
Easy installing and using
OS Property particularly friendly to new users, we provide mechanisms to install component, location data, sample data via a few mouse clicks. Moreover, you will feel easier to use OS Property when you watch the Tutorial OS Property Installation and Configuration guide with details documentation
Many add-ons
Beside the plugins and modules are included in the package, OS Property has quite a lot other add-ons like OS Calendar: An availability calendar for properties, Map module, Google Adsense, Ajax search module..
5+ templates
All templates are everything you need for Real Estate websites because it is specially equipped with an extended style for OS Property. It has a feminine, attractive and modern design which visually captures the clients interest due to the vibrant color variations, clean layout and mobile-friendly.
Integrate with third party extensions OS Property can be integrated with JComments, Sh404sef, JomSocial, Xmap, Falang, Walkscore extensions