This won’t be the first time you look for a Joomla real estate template, but it will be the last time. Because with OSP Home Search you have more than you could ever want or need.
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New features

1. Grid view

In old OS Property versions, we only have the list view in the properties listing pages and the advance search results page. This layout is nice, but it's not good on all Web browse. In new version (2.0.2), we developed new "grid layout" for the properties listing pages and the advance search results page, so the customers can select to show the grid view or the list view depend on their style and web browsers.


But, depend on your layout. You should setup number columns in the "Grid view" by go Configuration, tab Properties, part Property lists setting, field Number columns in the grid view.

2. Captcha

In this version, we have the option to add the captcha into the agent registration page.

In the Configuration,  tab Agent, field Show captcha in agent registration form.

3. Adjust sh404sef ext for sub-category details links
4. Add noimage image
for the OS property ajax search results.

Fix issues:

In the agent registration and agent edit details pages
In the translator labels task in administrator side

On June 27th 2012, we release new version of OS Property with 2 new features

1. Xmap Integration:

In new version, we develop the plugin to integrate OS Property with Xmap extension. In case you have the Xmap component in your site. You can install this plugin to list the site map of Os Property.

The download link of Xmap extension is :

2. Tag clouds module:

This module displays an automatically generated tag cloud from the content on your OS Property data.



New Jquery Slideshow


Multiple Currencies




In the Configuration, tab Property, administrator can select to show the relate properties in each property details page. The OS Property system will search the properties that have the same property types (for sale, for rent...) in the the same city, state and country with current property. And it will search in 20 miles distance from current property. The relate properties will be shown in the bottom of the property details page.