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The Joomla! OS Property developer team are proud to announce the release of OS Property 3.12.7. This is a eighth release for the 3.12.x series of OS Property with new improvement and addresses issues introduced in previous versions.

What new in OS Property 3.12.7

1. Improve Theme3's photo gallery

We received quite a lot complains about Theme3s' photo gallery from customers. Event it has some improvements like showing thumbnail pictures below main photo. But our customers complained about the layout of photo gallery on mobile. So we decide to make the photo gallery of Theme3 becomes simpler, faster loading and reponsive 100%.

2. Redirect links after Agent and Company registration

In previous versions, when you complete Agent or Company registration forms, OS Property will redirect you to Home page with message at top. From OS Property 3.12.7, you will able to setup the redirect link to specific page after Agent and Company registration.

You can setup redirect links at OS Property Configuration page, tab: User type and Company

3. Offline payment email

From this version, we add new email form, it's Offline payment message. This email will be sent to user when they use Offline payment method for his (her) transaction. This email can be contained your Bank account information so user can make direct payment to your Bank.

4. Featured agent icon

From OS Property 3.12.7, the Featured Agent will be highlighted in the list with Featured Icon above Agent's photo.

5. Some configure options added

  • New configure option in Theme3 to allow you to select to show/not show Category Name and Price of properties in mobile screen (Listing layout)
  • New configure option to allow you to allow/not allow Company Administrator to change Featured status of agent at front-end side

6. Auto populating Name, Email when adding Company and Agent at back-end side

From now, when you add new Company or Agent at Back-end side, once you select Joomla user, Name and Email of user will be filled up into corresponding field in the form.

7. Other improvements and bugs fixed

  • Show Photo Upload field as default when adding new property at front-end side
  • Fix number photos uploaded issue
  • Fix Agent details layout issue