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The Joomla! OS Property developer team are proud to announce the release of OS Property 3.12.5. This is a sixth release for the 3.12.x series of OS Property with new improvement and addresses issues introduced in previous versions.

What new in OS Property 3.12.5

1. Remove inline styles (CSS elements)

From this version, we remove almost Inline style at front-end of OS Property component. They will be replaced by CSS classes. As normal, the CSS classes are defined in stylesheet file: root > components > com_osproperty > style > frontend_style.css

2. Improve Request More Details form

From this version, we add one more Request option in Request more details form, it is suitable with For Rent or For Lease properties. When user select this option, they will able to enter Check-in, Check-out dates with number guests they want to rent your property. As normal, the Request more details email will be sent to owner of property (and administrator as configured)

OS Property Request More Details form

Beside it, we also improve the Setting for Request more details form, from this OS Property version, you will able to select what options are shown in drop down select list Subject in Request more details form.

OS Property Configuration


3. Advanced search overridden

A lot customers complained us about they must re-modify the Advanced Search form after installing newer OS Property version. So, we decided to build the Advanced search form as a layout of OS Property extension. The Advanced search layout file is placed in: root > components > com_osproperty > helpers > layouts > advsearchform.php. Based on it, you will able to override layout in your Joomla template by copying file: advsearchform.php and place it in root > templates > your_using_template > html  > com_osproperty > layouts directory. Thus, your Advanced search layout won't be overridden when you install newer OS Property version.

4. Other items

  • Add Saudi Arabia location data
  • Fix issue on Navigation plugin
  • Fix issue on OSP Slideshow


Notice: There are many changes from OS Property 3.12.4 to 3.12.5, so we encourage you to download latest OS Property version to get new improvement.