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The OS Property developer team are proud to announce the release of OS Property 3.12.2. This is a third release for the 3.12.x series of OS Property with new improvement and addresses issues introduced in previous versions.

What new in OS Property 3.12.2

1. Grab Images

This tool allows administrator/ user to grab photos (of properties) from specific website url. In case you want to get pictures of property from specific link. You just need to enter that link to the tool Grab Images of OS Property and wait it to retrieve available pictures from that link. After that, you just need to select any pictures that you want to add for the property. This is simple way to import pictures for your property. Let try and experience this unique feature.

Step 1: Enter the website url and click on button Grab images. Then, wait for for a moment.

Step 2: After some seconds, all available pictures on the website will be shown.

Step 3: Select pictures that you want to import for your property. Making other changes and save property. In this time, OS Property will collect pictures from the link to component. Because OS Property must retrieve properties from other website so the saving time will be longer than normal.

You can turn on this tool for Front-end, Back-end side of component through configure options at Back-end > OS Property > Configuration > Tab: Properties > Field group: Grab Images


2. Theme3 improvement

This is the biggest improvement of Theme3. Developed for a long time, so far, Theme3 has some shortcomings on property details page, so, even Theme3 has great layout on Property listing pages, but it isn't used very much on OS Property real estate websites.

Based on customer reviews, we decided to improve the look and feel of the Theme3. We received a lot of positive reviews for property detail page of Theme2, however, there are also some complaints about placing photo slides at the top of Theme2, because in wide screen, pictures on slideshow won't have good quality. The design team researched a number of well-known Real estate websites and decided to use the Mosaic library to create a window style to show pictures at the top part of the detail page, which would allow us to show more pictures of property at the same time, reducing the risk of poor image quality due to wide screen, and can provide more important information of real estate. One nice feature of Top slide is it will have different style based on number available properties. So when your property has 1,2,3,4 pictures, Theme3 will show 4 different style of Top Slider. This will make your product details page more flexible and attractive to customers.

Below are different styles of property details page of Theme3.


 When you click on the picture, new Gallery with all pictures (of property) will be shown.

In additional, Theme3 supports 2 Google map. (In some cases)

3. SEO improvement: Throw to 404 page with not-existed OS Property links.

4. Show Sample data installation notice in first time OS Property installation

5. Fix Bath value saving issue

6. Fix function to redirect user to Unavailable link when the property isn't available.

7. Fix issue on Locator search result

8. Fix issue on CSV import tool


Notice: There are many changes from OS Property 3.12.1 to 3.12.2, so the best way is installing OS Property through Joomla installation tool. If you already modified Layout files of Theme3, we are afraid that you need to re-do them all after installing new OS Property version. If you are using multiple languages feature, please go to Translation tool at Back-end of OS Property to update language files.