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The OS Property developer team are proud to announce the release of OS Property 3.11.0. This is a first release for the 3.11.x series of OS Property with new improvements and addresses issues introduced in previous versions.

What's in 3.11.0

1. Add Watermark to all pictures

In previous versions, OS Property only has feature to add Watermark to medium pictures of properties, but from this version, watermark will be able to added to all kind of pictures, they are: Original, Medium or Thumb images. You can read more about this feature through this link:

2. Ajax upload

In Previous version, you can only upload photos using Ajax method when you edit properties. But from 3.11.0, you will able to upload pictures via Ajax method when you add/edit properties. Read more here:

In additional, the Ajax upload is available at both front-end and back-end side. OS Property also has feature to turn on/ off Ajax upload at front-end.

3. My Place searching

From this version, you will able to search properties around your location because we add My location and Radius searching into Search module and Advanced search layout. You also are able to turn on/off this feature through OS Property Configuration.

In some news, "My Location" detect function on Chrome isn't work properly.

4. Advanced search layout improvement

Advanced search layout is improved in version 3.11.0 to make it become simpler, better than mobile.


5. "Clicked" extra fields added

In new version, we add "clicked" extra field, in case you want to add Website Url or Email value and you want user is able to click on the links, you can use this field type.

6. Adjust Configuration page > Tab: Search

7. Add Joomla trigger event when saving property data (for developer)

If you need any custom developer when saving property data, you can write the plugin to trigger the event onAfterStoreProperty

8. Add Report Abuse information in Properties listing (Back-end side)

9. Meta description is included in CSV form

10. Other minor issues fixed


As you know, there are a lot modification in OS Property 3.11.0, so we encourage you to download latest OS Property version to get new improvement.