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The OS Property developer team are proud to announce the release of OS Property 3.0.8. This is a tenth release for the 3.0.x series of OS Property with new improvements and addresses issues introduced in previous versions.

What's in 3.0.8

1. Fix Sef Url issue on Multilingual mode

In previous versions, when your site use multiple languages, we may have the error with Sef url in Page Navigation of Properties listing layout. To solve this kind of issue, we must run the tool: Sef optimize at Back-end of OS Property. In fact, this solution isn't good. In this version, we have improved the Sef function of OS Property to minimize this error occurred.

2. Fix Default theme duplication error

Default theme has unique designing while the Google Map is placed in the tab at the top. By this way, we must add the Javascript code to setup the map. It works properly with Default theme. But in case, you duplicate Default theme to other themes (by different purposes). The Map in copied theme won't work because it misses the JS code to setup Google Map. In this version, we have solved the issue by adding field to mark the "Copied" Default theme, and the JS code will be added in both Default theme and all copied themes from Default theme too.

3. Google map Zooming in/ out

This issue the issue when Google Map JS is added twice, and it is fixed in this version. 

4. Add Price text for Price value

In this version, we add the textbox Price text , it allows you to enter short text for price value. At front-end, the Text value (if not empty) will be shown at front-end instead of Price value of property.

5. Retouch Add/edit property form at Back-end side


As you can see on above screenshot, the information of property are splitted by tabs. It will be easier for you when add/edit properties. Here are the tabs in Property modification form.

  • Basic information Containing basic information of property like Title, Property type, Categories, Address, Short and Full description, Tags
  • Details Containing all property fields, including extra fields. History and tax, Document, Video embed fields ..etc
  • Amenities Containing property conveniences
  • Neighbor Containing the distances between property and neighborhood items like Restaurant, Train, Super Market, Cinema, Bus ..etc
  • Photo Manage pictures of property
  • Publishing Containing Publish, Approval, Featured status, Start and End publishing dates, Created Agent fields. 
  • Metadata  Containing Meta information and Browser page title of property
  • Notes You can enter Note for the property through this tab

6. Option to Show/ Hide Ref value at front-end

Some customers asked us how to remove Ref at front-end. And from this version, you have configure option to Show/ Hide value of Ref at front-end.

7. Option to make field Address, Short Description required or not

In previous versions, when you add/edit properties at both front-end and back-end. Fields Address and Short Description are mandatory. From this version, you have configure option to turn on/ off Required mode for those fields.


As you know, there are a lot modification in OS Property 3.0.8, so we encourage you to download latest OS Property version to get new improvement.