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The OS Property developer team are proud to announce the release of OS Property 3.0.4. This is a fifth release for the 3.0.x series of OS Property with new improvements and addresses issues introduced in previous versions.

What's in 3.0.4

1. CSV Import improvement

From this version, you will able to update data of existing properties through CSV import tool instead of only able to insert new properties as in previous versions. You will also able to import photos from different hosting instead of uploading photos in another step. Please take a look at CSV form modification page.

In previous versions, you just have 9 parameters for one CSV form. From OS Property 3.0.4, we add 2 more parameters for one CSV form.

a. Import pictures from

  • From compressed file, in Step 2 of CSV import progress (as previous OS Property versions)
  • From other hosting.

In first option, you just need to enter name of pictures, separated by | while in second option, you should enter full link of pictures, and separated by |. For example:||

b. Update properties when

You can select to update properties when they have the same Ref and Title fields or only Ref field. In that case, the data of properties will be updated instead of inserting new properties as before.

2. DPE graph improvement

In previous versions, classes in the Energy consumption and CO2 emissions are fixed: A, B, C, D, E, F. Some customers complained with us that in their countries, the Energy and CO2 emissions also has different classes: A++, A+ ..etc. But forget that problem, from OS Property 3.0.4, you are able to setup class names and values of Energy consumption and CO2 through Configuration page.

Class names and values are separated by comma. Number of class names must be bigger than number of class values.

3. PDF layout improvement

The PDF layout is nicer and simple than before. All information is displayed in one PDF page, enabling users to have a panoramic view of the property, and is also easy to print.

4. Panorama

From this version, you are able to upload Panorama picture for properties.

at front-end, the panorama will be shown on modal.

5. Some minor issues fixed


As you know, there are a lot modification in OS Property 3.0.4 so we encourage you to download latest OS Property version to get new improvement. And please update the languages (through Translation tool at Back-end of OS Property) if you are using different language than English.

To Update OS Property 3.0.4, please install

  2. Update language files if you are using more language than English

Note: From OS Property 3.0.4, we remove TCPDF library in the package, because we already use one PDF library for both UTF-8 and non UTF-8.

Dev team