Payment and Expiration feature

As we have mentioned in the Plugins Management and Transactions Management tools, from version 2.9.2, OS Property has been improved "payment" feature, which allows website owner can profit from:

  • User when they pay to publish Real Estate properties on your site through OS Property
  • User when they pay to upgrade their properties up to Featured
  • User when they pay to extend their property's lifetime on your website
    Of course, new features are added, but OS Property - with its flexible associate, you are still able to configure to allow user to post Real Estate properties for free, or those Real Estate properties will never be taken down automatically.
    Now, we will describe each step in the process of implementation of user pay. Remember that we are mentioning the case that the configure option Active Payment is turned on When user add new property at front-end, beside the existing tabs, you will see one more tab called “Live Time & Payment”. This tab shows the options about live time at Front-end of property, property state (Standard vs Featured), Payment gateways (in case user should pay to approve his property). When the user selects these option and enter the necsessary information about the Payment (Credit card information). In the next step, depending on the selected payment gateway, user may:
  • Is moved to the "payment page" of selected payment gateway, if he choose the direct payment method (like Paypal etc.)
  • Is moved to the Summary page with entered Property information and result returned from payment gateway (Offline or Credit card payment gateways)

2. Upgrade Standard properties to Featured
This feature is available on OS Property from the first versions. Since version 2.9.2, it is enhanced to allow the user can select different available payment methods

3. Extend live time
When a real estate property expired, user can pay to extend the live time. But they must do this before the property is removed out of OS Property. (Please read the manual on Configuration part). When users click on the button to extend the lifetime of property he will be redirected to property modification page, but "Live Time & Payment" tab is activated and you will be able to choose the live time duration of property on your site along with the state of property (Standard or Featured) and the payment method.

4. Orders history
Based on User types (Agent, Owner, Seller, Builder etc. or Company Administrator), the Orders history will be listed in their profile page.