OS Property tools

Optimize SEF Urls

This tool is used to fix the problems related to SEF links. When you encounter errors related to SEF urls in Front-end side as links to property details faulty or wrong, you can use this tool to handle that issue.

Fix database Schema

In some cases, there are problem with database of OS Property component, for example, you installed the sample data with location in the US, but then, you change the Default Country to United Kingdom (In Configuration page, field Default Country). At front-end, the real estate properties in US location still appear somewhere. Then, you can use this tool to solve problem.

Share Translation

OS Property has several language packages, like English, German, French etc. most of them are done through the support from customers and Google's translation tool. However, some language packages are not fully updated or grammatical errors and vocabulary exist. If you already used the Translation tool of OS Property to update and correct errors in the language files, you can use this tool to send language packages to us. This is a way you can contribute to the people who use OS Property.