Real Estate users

Manage Agents/ Owners

Agents/ Owner are the people responsible for uploading the properties that will be displayed on your website. In fact, you will only need one agent in your OS Property, but others will need multiple agents from different companies. You may add as many agents as needed. One property can only be assigned to one agent or owner.

Note: At front-end of OS Property, only agent/owner can upload properties. OS Property doesn’t support owner in the system.

From the Agents panel, you can sort and view all agents or owners in the system. You can sort them by name, search by keyword (e.g. "Dam"), filter by company, or by Published/Unpublished state. List columns in agents/ owners management page Basically, agent and owner have the same functionalities. The only difference between 2 objects is agent can belong to one company or not. But owner won’t belong to any company.

Type of user: Agent or Owner

Agent/ Owner name
Name of Agents/ Owners

User The corresponding Joomla! User account of agent. At front-end of your site. Agent can login by this account.

Company Company of agent

Email Email of agent

Featured Featured status.

Publish Approval state

When the agent/owner is not approved by administrator, the corresponding field in column Request to Approval will have the information to alert administrator to check his (her) information. To add an agent, click the New button in the upper right of the Agents panel. You will open the Add Agent dialogue

Add/Edit agent/owner

Provide the necessary details for the agent. Initially, name, Joomla! user, email is required. However, it's best to fill out the form as completely as possible to ensure a good experience for your end users. Click the save button at the top right of the Add panel to save the object, or choose Cancel to exit without saving.

NOTE: You must create company information before companies will be available in the "Company" dropdown list.

Agent/ Owner name
Name of agent/ owner

Agent’s alias, it’s the unique field. You can leave this field empty, and the system will create the unique alias value.

The corresponding Joomla! User account of agent. At front-end of your site. Agent can login by this account.

Company of agent. Owner can’t be assigned to specific company

Email of agent/owner

Phone number of agent/owner

Mobile number of agent/owner

Fax number of agent/owner

License of agent/owner

Approval status of agent/owner

Biological of agent/owner

Country of agent. In case you use one default country. This dropdown select list won’t be shown

State/province address of agent/owner

City address of agent/owner

Address/ street number, district of agent/owner

Picture of agent

Multiple languages

When you have more than one language, we will have one more tab in property modification page, it’s called Translation. In this tab, system will list all available languages (in other tabs) but except main language (in Main tab)
In each Language tab, we will have bellow fields:

Joomla User

As you know, one Agent/ Owner should be assigned to one Joomla user. Based on this view, when non-registered Joomla user register to become Agent/ Owner in OS Property, he will be registered to become Joomla User too. And he will use his Joomla User account to login before performing other operations in the OS Property component or other Joomla parts. The next problem is with the same is Joomla users, how to create a separate sections for Agent/ Owner of OS Property. This is the reason we allow you to select Joomla user group for Agent/ Owner and Company Administrator in Configuration page. When you select specific Joomla user group called X (beside Registered) for Agent/ Owner, all Agent/ Owner in OS Property will belong to 2 Joomla user group: Registerd and X. And you can setup Joomla Access level for group X. Base on this Access level, you can setup separated menus to sections of OS Property for Agent/ Owner only. Other normal Joomla users won't able to see them. You can do the same for Company Administrator in OS Property component.

OS Property won't manage the case, one user is belong to 2 Joomla user groups: Agent and Company. Because in same cases, User is added as Agent/ Owner, but after that, he is added to become Company administrator at Back-end side. These cases are complicated, and up to now, OS Property isn't able manage them. You should do it manually.