OS Property package

Purchase OS Property

As you may know, OS Property extension is a paid Joomla extension. You must purchase it (the cost is $39.99 for the full package) to use it on your site and get our free supports. With each license of OS Property, you can install and use it on any websites / domains that you have. However, you get only our free supports for one website / domain for each purchased license. So if you would like to get our free supports for multiple websites / domains, then you must purchase multiple licenses of OS Property, each license for one website / domain.

Following is the link to purchase OS Property from our official website: http://joomdonation.com/joomla-extensions/os-property-joomla-real-estate.html

OS Property package includes:

  1. OS Property component
  2. OS Property Search module
  3. OS Property Categories module
  4. OS Property Random Properties module
  5. OS Property Slideshow module
  6. OS Property Tag & Clouds module
  7. OS Property Morgage module
  8. OS Property Loan Calculator module
  9. OS Property Map module
  10. OS Property State & City module
  11. OS Property Featured Agents module
  12. OS Property Quick icons module
  13. OS Property Cron job plugin
  14. OS Property - Jomsocial plugin
  15. OS Property - Membership pro plugin
  16. OS Property Navigation plugin
  17. OS Property - Acymailling integration
  18. Search bot plugin
  19. Installer plugin
  20. OS Property Quick search

All of them are in a package and you just need to install the package one time, then they are all installed on your site and ready to be used.