OS Calendar


OS Calendar provides availability calendar feature for properties of OS Property. OS Calendar 6.0 even better, it allows administrator/ agent or owner to be able to setup price for their apartments, hotels, villas, holiday or camp site in their OS Property system. There are a lot power features in new version of OS Calendar like Flexible Pricing, Multilingual, Flexible Payment plugins, Report Functionality or SEO Friendly etc. It will help you to make the best property rental website.

Current Version 6.0 Last Updated Date January 4th, 2016 Demo URL http://osproperty.ext4joomla.com/os-property-layouts/rental-list-theme-blue Documentation http://oscalendar.joomservices.com/OS_Calendar_Instructions.pdf Purchase http://joomdonation.com/joomla-extensions/os-calendar/add-to-cart.html


Online Booking
Book Online: rooms, villas, apartments etc of OS Property's properties. Detailed availability calendar with booked and free dates information. Set prices based on dates, price automatically calculated based on dates and prices and number of rooms. Pay online with PayPal payment gateway, booking will be updated and emails sent.

Flexible Pricing
Advanced pricing manager assists you with the price settings for any days, months, weekends, specials offers etc on any room of properties. With a few clicks, set weekend pricing with minimum stay. Prices are presented within the tables describing cost and duration of stay.

Custom Fields
We have included some static fields to help you start your project quicker. These fields are commonly used on property rental / holiday websites and can be turned off if needed. Fields are based on categories so you are free to customize them. If you need more fields you can create any custom field: text, dropdown, text box, checkbox etc.

As OS Property, OS Calendar fully supports multilingual content. All elements like rooms or custom fields can be translated into any language. For non UTF-8 characters we are using URL aliases.

Flexible Payment plugins
OS Calendar supports multiple payment plugins. In default installation, you will have Paypal, CCAvenue, Payfast, Nab Transact, Sagepay, Stripe and Offline payment gateways. But you can install or develop new payment plugins as you can. In future, we will release more payment plugins, and many other customers can use this extension.

Powerful Front-End, Back-End Administration
Administrator Back-end and Advanced User Panel with professional dashboard, statistics. Agent/ Owner can control his rooms, insert new, edit, publish, edit/insert price plans, custom fields and lots more...

Report Functionality
OS Calendar provides the Report function, it allows administrator to generate the Report with many criteria. Youcan havereportwith all reservationsrequireddatawitha few clicks.

Email Templates
Each email that is being sent by extension has it's own template that can be edited. This can be done in Email templates management. Templates use variables so no programming skills are needed.

SEO Friendly
We have made a great effort to ensure that our extension is completely Search Engine Friendly. We have made sure all pages will be correctly indexed by search engines. Additionally each listing has its own SEO settings to adjust. It is also integrated into Joomla Breadcrumbs.

How to setup OS Calendar

1. To use OS Calendar with OS Property, you must have OS Calendar 4.0 and OS Property 2.7.1 or greater installed
2. To turn on the feature "Integrate with OS Calendar" from OS Property, you need to go to Backend > OS Property > Configuration > Tab OS Calendar, turn it on and select Property types (This integration feature will be applied to properties of these Property types)
3. Setup Price plan. There are 2 price plans: Holiday and Property
With Holiday: You will setup price for one specific time period (from start to end time)
With Property: You will setup price for one night of one specific time period.
To setup Price plan, you can go to Backend > OS Property > Manage Property types, select each Property type and select the corresponding Price plan.
Notice: This is very important point, because almost customers forget this step. And this is the reason why they can't make the booking request at front-end of OS Calendar.
4. Manage Rooms. You can manage rooms of properties from Backend > OS Property > Manage Properties and click on the Room icon to go to the Manage Rooms page
5. Manage Price. From the rooms you created, you can create the price for it. And depend on Property type of property of room. You will have 2 way to create price.
Holiday: You will see a list of prices, and you can add/edit/remove those price items. To create one Holiday price, you only need to enter Start, end time with the price for the whole period
Property: You must enter start,end time, price for one night, min stays. And you can select price for specific dates in week and setup the "Available for check-in" dates too
Notice: This is also important part, and you must make sure that you done it.
Agent/ owner can setup Rooms and Price for their properties from layout: "Agent: Edit profile" at front-end of component.
6. After above steps, you can go to Front-end, try to open property details. Find the Reservation box and search the available dates and select Room to make the booking request.
7. From OS Calendar 7.0, you are able to select to use Room in component or not though configure option allow Rooms in Configuration page of OS Calendar. If value of this field is No, you can setup Rent Price for Properties directly, and rooms are unncessary anymore. Customer won't make the booking request on the properties instead of Rooms.

Above are our general guide that help you to setup OS Calendar properly. For more details, you can read the documentation of component.