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Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

#0099,  Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

2025 Avenue Of The Stars, Los Angeles, California, 90067 , United States
Agent: Sylvia Sassi

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#0098,  BEST WESTERN PLUS Dragon Gate Inn

818 N Hill St, Los Angeles, California, 90012, United States
Agent: Example agent

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Villa la Vitta

#0011,  Villa la Vitta

7041 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, California, US, 90042, United States
Agent: Porches Hernades

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Americas Best Value Inn Los Angeles

#0016,  Americas Best Value Inn Los Angeles

Americas Best Value Inn Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, US, 90026, United States
Agent: Angela Robertha

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  • Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

    #0099, Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

    for rent >> Call for price
  • BEST WESTERN PLUS Dragon Gate Inn

    #0098, BEST WESTERN PLUS Dragon Gate Inn

    for rent >> $ 950.00
  • Villa la Vitta

    #0011, Villa la Vitta

    for rent >> $ 2,299,900.00
  • Americas Best Value Inn Los Angeles

    #0016, Americas Best Value Inn Los Angeles

    for rent >> $ 1,500.00

17 Jul

The OS Property developer team is proud to announce the release of OS Property 2.6.6. This is a maintenance release for the all series of the OS Property extension.

If you are currently running a OS Property release on a server with version smaller than , we encourage you to update to version 2.6.6

What's in 2.6.6?

Thanks to the hard work of different volunteer contributors, some bugs have been resolved with the 2.6.6 release of the OS Property, and we also add new great features into this version

1. Sold Status

In this version, we add Sold status for properties. When the property has been sold, administrator or owner can update Sold information like Sold status and Sold on date for property. Administrator can also setup to use Sold Status for specific available Property types at Configuration page.

2. Assign custom fields to Property types

A lot customers asked us that they want to assign custom fields to Property types. Because each custom field was created for specific purpose in Real Estate system, so they want those custom fields must be assigned to property types. For example: Field "Price per Square feet" is used on "For Sale" Properties while field "Price per week" is used on "For rent" Properties. And from this version, you are able to do it.

3. Default State

One thing makes OS Property's customer feel anoying is in case they use one State in their Property system, they still need to select that state in Drop down select list (Even it has only one option) before they can select City of that state. We have worked hard to solve this inconvenience. From now, when you have one published state/province, you won't need to select it before selecting city. The dropdown select list "City" will be available for you to select any option.

4. Property history & tax

In some countries, the tax & history of properties are mandatory. Of course, administrator or owner can use "Custom fields" to store these data. But we believe that's way isn't reasonable. From version 2.6.6, OSP Dev team added "Property history & Tax" for properties, it allows administrator or owner of properties can enter those history and tax information simply and easily. At front-end, in Property details, new tab called "Property History & Tax" is added and it shows History and Tax information of property. Of course, administrator has option to turn off this feature at Configuration page. 

5. Open hours for inspector

Open house (real estate), a free, one-day event held by a real estate agent to show a listed residential property to any interested parties. From this version, administrator and owner are able to enter the "Open House" for their properties, and it will be shown at the front-end, in Properties listing page and Property details page

The Production Leadership Team's goal is to continue to provide regular, frequent updates to the OS Property community.

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11 Jun

This vesion doesn't have new added features. But we improve the layout of property details of theme1, theme2, theme_black, blue and specially, we improve the default theme to make it become better.


We hope you will like our improvements.

By the way, in this version, we have the configure option to show only states/ cities that have available properties in the dropdown select lists in Search functionalities (Advanced search, Search module or Filter bar)



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21 May

On 20th May, 2014. We released new OS Property version 2.6.4 with new more features added


This theme uses Bootstrap, CSS3 and supports responsive. You are able to select the style with number columns in the theme modification page at back-end.




The print layout in old version of OS Property is monotonic, with some customer's suggestions. We decided to make new property details print layout. It is the good choice if you want to make the flyer page for your properties





From version 2.6.4, OS Property supports the Education tab. It allows you to show the School around your properties. You are setup to find min/max schools with specific radius around your current property.

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18 Mar


OS Calendar provides availability calendar feature for properties of OS Property. OS Calendar 4.0 even better, it allows administrator/ agents to be able to setup price for their apartments, hotels, villas, holiday or camp site. There are a lot power features in new version of OS Calendar like Flexible Pricing, Multilingual, Flexible Payment plugins, Report Functionality or SEO Friendly etc. It will help you to make the best property rental website.
OS Calendar 4.0 is only be worked with OS Property 2.6.2 or higher


A lot customers asked us to make the pictures in the slideshow at property details page are click-able. And from this version, we have implemented that feature. Now, in property details page, you are able to click on medium pictures to open the large picture in modal box.





From version 2.6.2, administrator will be able to choose the currency symbol position at front-end of OS Property. There are 2 options: Before amount and After amount.

Moreover, with the advent of Bootstrap 3 library, there is the potential conflict issue between templates that using Bootstrap 3 (like T3 framework version 2.1.x or above) with Joomla core or any extension that are using Bootstrap 2 library. We are still working hard to reduce influence of this problem. In version 2.6.2, if you are using Template with Bootstrap 3 included, please un-check field Load Bootstrap CSS Advanced at configuration page. In default, this field is checked.





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22 Jan



A tag, or keyword, is a more narrow term that can be associated with a property. For example, if an property is categorized under "Rental," possible keywords might be the type of renting like "Per night" or "Per month" .etc
When administrator or agent/ owner create the property, they can add tags for it. These tags can be managed in page “Manage tags”. At this page, administrator can see all the tags in OS Property system with number properties contain those tags. Beside it, administrator can add, edit, remove, changing status of those tags.


And at the property details page, the tags will be shown like this





Some customers complained to us that, when they put the Joomla menus company's administrator or agent/owner with access level is Registered, all normal registered user can see those menu. And they will confuse when they are redirected with the message "You do not have permission to access to this area". To solve this problem, from version 2.6.1, we add new feature to allow administrator to assign company's administrator and agent/ owner to specific Joomla user group. Depend on these User groups, administrator can create the Joomla access levels and Joomla menus for those access levels. In that case, the normal registered user won't be able to see the Joomla menus of Company's administrator or Agent/ Owner.

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